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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Casual flights

While we still work on the bigger rockets, we took the opportunity last weekend to do a few casual flights at the NSWRA launch day. It's always nice to get out and launch a few without having to do a lot of preparation. These rockets were quickly assembled from the set of spare parts we have on hand. We flew the HD camera again on all the flights.

Here is the update:

Panorama taken from the last flight


Vicente Garcia M Junior said...

Great flight, as always. I like the cheap foam, in my opinion are more interesting. What software do you use to make panoramic images, are excellent. Congratulations.

Big hugs.

George Katz said...

Thanks Vicente, some of the foam flights had very slow take-offs. You always hope the rocket gets up to speed quickly before it tips over. :)

This is how we make our panoramas:

Unknown said...

Hey George,

Fantastic footage to watch as per usual, the HD makes an impressive difference.


George Katz said...

Thanks Doug. The little cameras are very good. YouTube re-compresses the video so there is some loss of quality, but overall they perform well with a good frame rate.

Anonymous said...

Great Flights, I love the HD footgae. Also great work on the shadow. Im excited to see some more testing from that.

lucrockets said...

hi george, these were once again beautiful flights. The new HD camera produces beautiful images, the servo timer does very well. It's been a while but I have the servo timer well received. I'm going to try it soon. I'm looking forward to the rest of your projects

George Katz said...

Thanks lucrockets :) Good luck with the rocket builds. It's time to get more rockets up in the air.