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Saturday, October 04, 2008

17 Tests in 3.5 hours

Today was a good day for testing. We went through quite a bit of air out of the scuba tanks, but the tests went relatively quickly and we got through most of what we wanted to get done.

We are in the process of analyzing the results at the moment and putting together a video of the tests as well. It will take a few days to write up the results.

Some of the tests included:
  • Robinson coupling choking and blow through effect,
  • Jet foaming techinque with and without foam,
  • Reduced mixing chamber for jet foaming,
  • Some tests were done with a 9mm nozzle and some with a 7mm nozzle,
  • Foaming agent concentration difference
  • We tested 2L of carbonated drink in the rocket,
After we analyze these we will have a better idea about what things we want to redesign and test further. The next set of tests will include the variable nozzle with different holes and with and without foam.

FTC Rocket

We have also done some more work on our FTC rocket. We have the fins cut out now, but more importantly come up with the way we want to do parachute deployment in a T-8 FTC tube where there isn't a whole lot of room. The best part is that all the components are common items that can be found around the house.


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