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Thursday, October 02, 2008


After importing a lot of thrust data from the test stand into Excel it quickly became obvious that the data still needed a lot of processing before it was useful. While it is easy to do in Excel, it is quite tedious, as the data has to be trimmed, aligned in time, averaged, calibration scaling applied, total impulse calculated and then graphed. This was taking perhaps 10 minutes per data set so I decided to extend the functionality of the WDQ to CSV exporter application I wrote a few weeks ago.

The application now can do all of the above tasks. With a few mouse clicks I can get total impulse, average thrust, thrust duration etc. This allows us to quickly review the data during testing and alter our tests based on the observed data. This should help in the design process as we make changes to the design we can get instant feedback on the design.

The full software functionality will be covered in the day68 update with the calibrated test results.

We are hoping to do a full set of tests this long weekend.

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