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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Thrust Data Available

We have spent all week collating the data from the thrust tests. Our main website has now been updated with the results here:

There were some interesting results and we want to do further follow up experiments, as well as some new ones.

It's a bit of a long write up so feel free to skip the boring sections.


rstaff said...


First, thanks for the comment on my blog. I look forward to the Mentos experiment :)

Also, I'd like to point out a recent article in the Apogee Newsletter. All the pertinent links are in this post In brief, it points to a tool that allows you to 'trace' thrust curves and generate RASP files. From there you can use these in commercial simulators.

Keep up the good work!

George Katz said...

Thanks for that Dick. The article is a good one, and might be the final reason we need to get a copy of Rocksim. We are in the process of figuring out how to turn the static thrust data into a realistic flight thrust profile, as there are differences.

We would then use them in Rocksim with various rocket designs.